October 20th, 2011

[Disney] Today Sucks

Where the fuck is Peter Knogg when I need him?!

I don't think I can explain how hurt my feelings are right now.

Things with Greg were going great. super great. For my birthday he's taking me on a trip to california in about two weeks.

Of course, since this past Friday night (after Sci-Fi at the Pops which was amazing), he's been distant and says he's depressed and won't tell me why. Yesterday he didn't speak to me. This morning he says that he is/was upset at everything and doesn't know if we're okay.

what. the. fuck.

I don't know how his feelings for me can change so dramatically and so often without any explanation.

Of course this happens. I was going to go on my (short) DREAM vacation. We were going to hug penguins at Sea World and take a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and he even got reservations for the Disneyland Hotel. I was going to meet his dad.

Of course.

I've been crying silently off and on at work, trying to keep what little dignity I have (I look obviously like I am/was crying). The next 7 hours can't go fast enough. I would like to hole up in my apartment with Stargate Atlantis and pretend that I'm ok. Fuck.