meg (pokeymegchan) wrote,

55 Degrees has become WARM.

Still waiting to hear back from the apartment! I'm not actually worried I'll get denied, I'm just getting antsy about the act of packing and moving!


I went for my first ride on the back of Greg's bike! It was a ton of fun and I'm glad there isn't a problem with our weight difference. The turns will take some getting used to (just because I worry that I'm not doing it right), but he said he's comfortable and not worried about it anymore. So yay!
Remember when I had my huuuuge embarrassment when I totes failed that motorcycle riding course? Well, last night we were hanging out with Greg's rider-friends, it seems like quite a few of them had some difficulties when they started riding like dropping the bike. That makes me more encouraged to try riding again. I'd rather have a private teacher though (like CoastGuardTodd) because I just learn better when not in front of a group. We'll see!! I do want my lemon yellow scooter someday...

My passport should be here within a month and the weather is getting nicer and I'm planning a trip to LA to visit my Shawn! Life is exciting and bright.

I want to make most days a good day and the rest be great days.

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