meg (pokeymegchan) wrote,

I miss watching the Simpsons

I know it's just my cramping abdomen and once-a-month fragile girl emotions talking (I've seriously been mood swinging allllllll daaaaaaaaay), but I could really go for a pat on the head and a hug and a compliment right now.

Stiiiiiiiill waiting to hear from the apartment. NOW I'm really getting nervous :( I hate apartment hunting!! My Jedi patience is not so good!

This week's tips have been banging though :D ...which will mostly go to replacing my passenger side mirror! D'oh! Oh well! I get an extra day off on Monday which I HOPE I can use to start packing.

Headed to PDX for Friday/Saturday with Victoria because Abigail has the weekend off! I'm gonna try to sneak away for a little bit to hang out with FP and JB Meg and who ever else happens to be available! It's hard knowing two completely separate groups (Abi is a group by herself) in Portland! I'm taking the train (because I like to sleep while driving), so I better bring a couple books!

At the gym, I often find myself wearing my "CAKE IS AWESOME" t-shirt and listening to the most sugary Japanese pop and reading about serial killers/cults/zombies while doing cardio. It seems lulzy.

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