meg (pokeymegchan) wrote,

So, I haven't bought the internet for my apartment

So it's been pretty much forever :D.....?

Move in was successful thanks to my Pa and Shane (and Greg being out of town so I had nothing else to do besides move). I posted pictures of my Apartment up on Facebook. I really like it - it's just MEGMEGMEG pretty much everywhere you look. I'm such a goof! I need more ocean themed stuff for the bathroom though. Maybe some giant shark stickers. That'd be rad. ANYWAY, the location is pretty convenient! It's a 20ish minute walk to Westlake area, a 15ish minute walk to Cap Hill, I'm on the same block as my gym, and it's super close to the I-5 entrances. Choice.

Con was pretty baller. My assistant was amazing, I got to hang out with everyone, and our Star Wars panels were the best thing ever. People STANDING UP IN THE BACK at our under 18 panel?? AMAZING. Can't wait for next year. :D

So, after a few really bad days and a couple melt-downs about it, I've been seriously looking for other jobs. I think it'll take a while, though, because I'm not looking for any-ol'-job anymore. I'm looking for something that's long term and could potentially start me off on a career. Until then, though, I've asked to only work 2 Sundays a month, which I help will super alleviate my agony. My BFF Scott (he's a regular) is AMAZING, though, and we constantly bring in Star Wars toys for each other to play with :D

Things with Greg are awesome. I'm finally feeling reasonably secure after we've had a few hiccups (and a couple violent coughing fits). So. You know. Yay. :)

Visited Abi and Cody in Oregon! It was my first time actually driving down since I had dated Ryan. It felt a little weird. BUT I had a great (fatty) time!

I'm gonna start over and try harder with a lot of stuff. May was a weird month, but I really need to make something of myself.

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