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So it looks like I get 3 day weekends every. week. because I asked to work only 2 Sundays a month rather than every Sunday. So I got punished by having my hours cut by twice as much as I expected. Good thing the cafe is such a clusterfuck that there's almost always SOME WAY for me to pick up enough hours to make 30 a week. Plus tips are baller, so I'm not worried about money. I'm just mad because the scheduling is so vindictive. Oh well! It's nice to potentially be able to go somewhere during the weekend. Fridays are such a waste of a day off if no one else is free!

I've been feeling pretttty down about my weight lately. I had gotten back up to 200lbs which is terrible (I weighed 204 after Vegas, but had gotten down to 194 before I had moved). I've re-dedicated myself to working out/eating better and for the last week and a half it's worked out pretty well (I think). I don't know, I'm pretty disappointed with myself and not as happy looking in the mirror as I should be :( Cody and I said we'd lose 10 pounds each by the end of July. I think I can do it - 2 pounds already gone! If I can manage to get down (and MAINTAIN) between 170 and 180 by the end of the year, I'll be so happy.

Went to Kat's wedding! She looked gorgeous and her tablescapes (fuck you, Sandra Lee) were pretty and it was a really nice time. It made me feel a little emotional on the inside, but I am a girl so there's no stopping that.

I think my official occupation should be "nerd whisperer."

Speaking of occupations, I need to get serious about looking for jobs. When in the world did I get so freaking lazy?? I miss the never-ending slew of energy and dedication I had in college. I feel like a loser sometimes. I could be doing so much more.

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