meg (pokeymegchan) wrote,

Stop looking at me like that. It makes me uncomfortable.

Oh god you guys.

I'm learning how to ride a motorcycle. So far I've done two REAL rides (meaning out on the street with traffic and obeying riding laws and everything) that included terrifying highway riding. I survived, but it was SO STRESSFUL. Greg keeps pushing my limits because he knows that I *can* do things, but I just DON'T feel comfortable doing a lot of the stuff he expects me to do. I just gotta practice, practice, practice, I guess. It's really hard.

Went to PAX for the first time in forever. SO MANY NERDS. Crossed paths with a couple boys I dated which resulted in AWKWARD glances, got stealthily hit on by some nerds, played the TOR demo, and chatted a bit with one of the designers for TOR!! Pretty exciting, it actually makes me want to play video games.

Speaking of video games, I worked at Nintendo as a tester for a couple weeks. Why? Because I got fired from Caffe Appassionato (basically because Brooke hates me and is 13). BUT, I was only unemployed for one week before working at Nintendo. I even got to work on my dream project.

BUT I NO LONGER WORK AT NINTENDO. Because tomorrow (Monday) I'm starting a job as a legal clerk at a fancy-pants law firm downtown in the Columbia Center (tallest building in Seattle). I'm super nervous and I hate the clothes I have to wear (you know, appropriate ones), but this is a really good move career wise. I just hope I can do a good job :X

I haven't worked out in 2 weeks - I feel so gross and unattractive (although within those two weeks I probably ate 40% less than what I usually do). September will be different I sweaaaaaar!!!

Things with Greg and I have been steady. I thought they were improving, but he apparently still has his same doubts about me. We didn't really talk about it because it kind of crushed my soul and I had no words to express myself. My counselor gave me some homework about figuring out what I want/don't want in a relationship and it's proving to be more difficult than I thought it could be because I have no fucking clue. It's never something I've thought about or had the chance to figure out. We'll see what happens.

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