meg (pokeymegchan) wrote,

Seriously need to get the internet at my apartment...

...because it's embarrassing when you start crying from reading shoujo manga in a cafe.

I haven't been sleeping well, I wake up a million times a night. It makes me feel tired all day and just generally worn out. It also makes me not go to the gym in the morning because I just want to stay in bed.

I need to pay more attention and get more organized with con work. And get all my panels in. Whoops.

I have to decide what to do about getting into teaching. I've been hearing a lot of bad stuff about Teach for America lately. Going to look into a teaching program in Texas (it's so hot, but at least I'll be tan ALL THE TIME) that Abi's friend is in. Might have to get the fuck outta seattle for a while. Might be for the best!

Starting tomorrow I will not have another day off until Christmas! Aaah, reminds me of last my hardworking youth.

....also Greg wants to get back together.

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