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I haven't updated this thing in foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Basically everything is going great (minus the occasional con rage, sugar binge, and stupid hormonal girl feelings - but those are normal).

ECCC and Sakuracon are very soon. ECCC is gonna be great - I'm going to proxy stalk Ryan North and see Christopher Judge (worth $40 for a picture? My heart says yes, but my head says no). Sakuracon I'm going to kick everyone's butts who gives me trouble and charm everyone else. Celebrating 5 years of A Star Wars panel!!! This year was tough work though - dealing with a mostly broken Panels system is no bueno. Gonna fix that shit next year so I can step down in 2014.

More certainish in my future? I really want to be a teacher, but I'm very scared that I won't be good at it. I know that's no reason to try (but I don't want to pay for school and then realize I'm terrible at it - I've gotten by with extremely minimal loans so far and I'd like to keep it that way). We'll see. I need to start doing my pre-reqs (math, lab science) by Fall Quarter this year if I hope to start school sometime in 2013. Work has been fine, though. Sometimes busy, sometimes not, but I've settled in quite nicely.

No complaints about the boyfriend. It's been kind of a trip to be with someone who, you know, actually appreciates me and pays attention to me and wants to do things with me.

The real news is that I'm going to start a blog (omg a real one) in April after all of this hectic con stuff blows over. It'll mostly be about fitness/nerd stuff and how sometimes they go together. As I'm finally starting to lose weight (8 pounds this month!) due to some good and healthy lifestyle changes, I need to figure out new ways of motivating myself. I can't think of a better way than PUBLICLY SHAMING MYSELF into not being fat.
...Or also, I keep 98% of my weight loss struggles/methods/feelings to myself and I don't think it helps or is good for me. And maybe people will read it.

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